Meet the Therapy Team

As parents ourselves, we get what it’s like to be a parent
and partner the modern world.

As licensed and trained therapists, we have the
skills and resources to help.

Meet the Therapy Team

As parents ourselves, we get what it’s like to be a parent and partner the modern world.

As licensed and trained therapists, we have the skills and resources to help.

Ana Headshot

AnaRosa Oliveira

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

As a mom and wife, I get your challenges! And as a therapist, I have the tools and resources that can help you.

Together, we can:

Dr. Michelle Casarella

Licensed Psychologist

Currently a 4+ week waitlist to accept new clients for online therapy

Together, we can help you:

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What to Expect on the Call

During the call we’ll get to know each other and:

Frequently Asked Questions

We make it simple! Click any of the buttons above to schedule your complimentary 20-minute consultation.

During the call we’ll get to know each out and:
  • Chat a bit about what’s going on for you and why you decided to reach out now
  • Talk about how we can help you and our style of therapy
  • Determine if working together is the right fit
  • Discuss logistical pieces, such as payment, insurance benefits and scheduling
  • Answer questions you might have

AnaRosa and Jill accept the following insurance plans:

  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Oscar
  • Oxford
  • United

Just as with any other medical/mental health provider, you as the client are responsible for the co-pay. If you have to meet a deductible, you are responsible for this as well. 

Please note that if you choose to use your insurance they can dictate the number of sessions you are allotted, as well as have access to personal information they deem necessary, such as any diagnoses and treatment records. Some clients are not comfortable with this, and choose to pay out-of-pocket to protect their privacy.

Dr. Michelle Casarella does not currently accept insurance.

Have another type of insurance or want to pay out of pocket (out of network)?

Here’s how we offset the costs:

  • We accept HSA (Health Spending Account) Cards for Payment
  • We can provide you with a superbill (itemized receipt) that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

Want to know what questions you need to ask your insurance company to understand your out-of-network benefits?
Email us at: 

Look at your first session as a “get to know each other session.” You don’t have to spill your deepest secrets immediately!

  • Use the first couples of sessions to see if working together feels like the right fit
  • Gives you a chance to see your therapist’s style
  • Your therapist will ask more background information questions and get a better sense of what you want to focus on during therapy
  • Your therapist may ask you more clarifying questions after reviewing the paperwork you completed 
  • Your therapist will check in with you at the end of the session to see how it was and if you want to schedule another session

AnaRosa – individual $155 (50 minute session)

AnaRosa – couple $175 (50 minute session)

Jill – individual $135 (50 minute session)

Insurance – copay and deductible depends on your plan

Therapy is an investment in yourself and your family’s happiness–similar to education, vacations or quality time with your family–where the emotional return on your investestment is 10x the monetary value. 

If you think you can’t afford therapy–consider the following:

  • What would you pay for your family’s happiness and relief from the overwhelm you struggle with on a regular basis? 
  • What do you spend on “extra” things you don’t need but make life easier/more enjoyable? 
    • Getting your nails done, coffee shop lattes, ordering take-out meals 
    • Think about ways to cut back, even just temporarily, to participate in the kind of self care that can literally change your life.
    • 12 online therapy sessions is about the equivalent of a Starbucks every day for a year. Instead, make your coffee at home and live a happier life.

Yes! And we aren’t just saying that because it’s what we do. There is an entire body of research dedicated to what makes therapy work. Here are the top two conclusions: 

  1. The average person who comes to therapy is better off at the end of treatment than 80% of those who didn’t have any therapy at all.
  2. 75% of people in therapy show at least some benefit.


Research has found there are certain factors that make it more successful: 

  1. The most important factor is the relationship between the client and therapist. That’s why we focus on having a free consult call and using the first few sessions to see if you feel comfortable with your therapist. 
  2. Using treatment strategies that are backed by research–that is why we focus on strategies with very high outcome rates, including cognitive-behavioral and interpersonal therapies.

I tried therapy before and it didn’t work.   

Many times people will say they tried therapy before and it wasn’t helpful. Typically there are two explanations for this:

  1. You likely did not “click” with the therapist. We want you to feel like we “get” you! That is why we specialize in working with parents–because we are moms and get the struggle. To make sure it feels like the right fit, we emphasize the need for a 20 minute consultation call and seeing how the first few sessions feel. 
  2. You might have not been “in the right place” for therapy. Maybe you only went to a few sessions and then stopped, had other things going on in your life, or were younger. Whatever the case, you may not have been able to come to therapy consistently and really focus on the work.