Dr. Michelle Casarella

Licensed Psychologist

Currently a 4+ week waitlist to accept new clients for online therapy

Becoming a mom changes your entire world instantaneously. You love your kids so much it hurts & at the same time you have many other roles (partner, employee, friend, etc.) to fulfill.

You are the one carrying the mental load of the family (doctors’ appointments, soccer practice, packing the diaper bag, etc.).

There is so much to do, it’s no wonder modern moms are stressed!

You find yourself experiencing guilt, overwhelm, anxiety, questioning yourself & feeling like you’re always failing in some way.

Things may look good on the outside, but you’re struggling on the inside & need support.

I can help you manage all the overwhelming emotions of mom life.

Together, we can:

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During the call we’ll get to know each other and:

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