Online Therapy Services

helping parents feel connected and balanced again

Online Therapy Services

helping parents feel connected and balanced again

You know all too well that being a parent is the hardest job you’ll ever have.

You’ve been struggling to balance everything lately.

On the outside, you seem like you have it all together, but inside you are struggling.

Your thoughts never seem to stop.

Those constant feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion never really go away.
You just feel like you are failing in some aspect of life all the time.

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Online Therapy Services We Provide

Becoming a mom can be both the best thing in the world to ever happen to you and cause you to be mentally exhausted and overwhelmed at the same time. You carry so much of the load in the family and do so much, moms are stressed everywhere! Together, we can help you manage the mom guilt and overwhelm, have more patience with your kids, and prioritize what’s most important to you in motherhood to feel balanced again.

When you become a mom, your heart fills with so much love! But there’s so much anxiety and self-doubt too, not to mention the judgement from other moms. If you aren’t the birth mother, there’s so many unexpected comments that are hard to answer and throw you off, causing you to wonder if you are doing enough. As a non-biological mom myself, I get it and I’m here to help.

Becoming a mom is one the best days of your life! You are instantly filled with so much love to give your child, sometimes it hurts. However, there are so many comments and questions people have about you and your relationship with your child, it can cause your thoughts and feelings to spiral. I understand the pressures and added layers you may be experiencing and have the tools and resources to help.

You love being a mom and having a partner in life, but you feel like you aren’t being seen. You feel stuck in patterns that aren’t working and you need communication skills to help you progress forward. I can help you build skills and set boundaries so that you can actually enjoy the life you’ve created and connect with the people that matter to you the most.

Looking from the outside, you look like you have it all together. But you know something feels off. You’re struggling to connect in one of the most important relationships you have and want to feel seen and heard. Together, we can help you reconnect with one another by building communication skills and setting boundaries with each other to enjoy the life you’ve built together.

The day you become a mother changes your whole world. You love your kids so much, but at the same time you feel overwhelmed and unsure of yourself. Postpartum depression shows up in a variety of ways. You know something feels “off”. It’s important to get immediate help so that you can get the support your need to feel like the mom you want to be.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between normal stress, fear and anxiety. Whatever it is, when it interferes with your daily life it feels draining and debilitating. Anxiety can look like the inability to turn off thoughts, constant worrying , or feeling restless. Physical symptoms can include anxiety attacks, racing heart, stomachaches, nausea, or difficulty sleeping. Anxiety therapy can help identify the source of anxiety so it can be managed, provide custom solutions to managing stress, and help you feel confident in your ability to manage all the things life throws at you.